Finishes typically describe a wide range of surface treatments that complete or enhance the aesthetic experience of the interior and exterior parts of a building. Materials and elements that tie together the final design. Choosing the right finishes make the difference between a basic look and one that is innovative, exclusive, and stylish. At BuilditBetter we advocate 2 products: 1. Rock Smart Cast Stone products and 2. go! Natural Cement Coating and Finishes.



Rock Smart Cast Stone Products

Cast Stone is a highly refined architectural precast concrete building stone manufactured to simulate natural cut stone.” Its first recorded use was in 1138, so it’s one of the oldest known types of concrete. Today it is one of the most aesthetically refined forms of concrete available. Cast Stone is a highly versatile architectural precast building material. It looks like natural cut stone, except it’s stronger, weathers better, and costs less than actual stone. It is primarily used as a masonry product to provide architectural trim, ornamentation or functional features on buildings and other structures.

Rock Smart Cast Stone Concrete Products

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Cladding & Wall Finishes

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Cobbles, Paving & Stepping Stones

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go! Natural Cement Coatings & Finishes

At BuilditBetter we specialise in go! Natural cement finishes and floorings. This specialised technique can be applied to almost any surface, to new and old builds. Whether you are wanting to add feature elements to revitalise your home or design a new and modern home from scratch we can help you.

go! Natural Concrete Cement Finishes & Coatings

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go! Natural Countertops

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go! Natural Cement Flooring and Finishes

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