Architectural Designs, Building & Construction through to the final step of handing you the keys to your dream  home – we do it all.

We work with you to create a space that is beautiful, sustainable, cost-effective sustainable living & comfort to live or work in. 

By combining the latest technology, with green-sustainable solutions, we ensure the perfect balance of comfort, lifestyle, nature and finance.

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Concrete Flooring, Counter Tops & Finishes

Architectural and building finishes improve the appearance of a building or home. There are different types of finishes, but in their simplest form, they can be defined as being Inherent or applied.
Inherent finishes provide a natural finish ie timber, stone, brick, and glass.
Applied finishes refer to floor finishes, wall finishes, and the like.

At BUILDITBETTER we specialize in Rock Smart Cast Stone Concrete Products & go! Natural concrete cement surfaces and finishes to get you the desired outcome.

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Eco-friendly Construction:
Green building & Energy Efficiency  

Green building is the application of environmentally responsible and resource-efficient building principles to the building process. Green Building Is not just about reducing the impact of your build or reducing your footprint. It is a practical consideration in the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and renovation of a building. It considers everything from the use of sustainable building materials to the rotation of the building, meaning where the sunny side or shaded area lies. To calculate the overall efficiency of the design such as lights, hot water, doors and window placements, skylights etc.And it calculates the Increased performance of elements such as cavity walls (which are cheap) when used to replace high-end glazing (which are expensive).

By law, all new buildings must comply with the new building energy standard – SANS 10400-XA. At BuilditBetter we are committed to creating healthy, sustainable, eco-friendly environments. In our operations, we pursue environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient best practices to ensure that all our projects are environmentally sound and operated in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations. Making Green building principles critical to the design, construction, and operation of buildings that are energy-efficient, resource-efficient, and environmentally responsible. And the benefit for you? Green Buildings offer their occupants better health, increased productivity, and are additionally more cost-efficient to operate.

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