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Is it legal to use a Wendy House as accommodation?

A Wendy house is commonly understood to be a modestly sized structure usually,
but not always, constructed of timber.
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Can you use a Wendy house for accommodation?

The short answer to the question about accommodation is “no”. To understand the
context one should differentiate between a Wendy house and what is called a
timber-frame building.
The essential difference is that a Wendy house usually does not comply with the
National Building Regulations while a timber-frame building which is intended to be
used for accommodation purposes usually complies with SANS 10082 and therefore
the National Building Regulations.
There is a misconception about the use of Wendy houses which probably arises
from the fact that the Building Regulations (A2(1)) permit the erection of buildings
smaller than 5 m² without the need to submit building plans. A child’s play house
smaller than 5 m² or a cycle shed smaller than 5 m² are included in this category.
The exemption from having to submit plans is granted on the basis that buildings
smaller than 5 m² are not intended to be used for habitable purposes, nor are they
fit for habitable purposes.
Structures which are marketed as Wendy houses for accommodation purposes
often do not comply with the requirements of the National Building Regulations or
the relevant S
outh African Nationals Standards codes.

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